The Complete Doula Package

A free initial consultation

3 antenatal sessions

Unlimited phone, Whatsapp and email support throughout your pregnancy

I will be on call from 38 weeks and will provide physical and emotional support to you and your birth partner throughout labour, until you are holding your new baby

1 post-natal visits and up to 6 weeks of unlimited phone, Whatsapp and email support.

Fee: £620 *

*My fees are a bit lower than some doulas as I am a mentored doula, which means I am currently going through the process of becoming a recognised doula. Hiring a mentored doula means you will receive the support of a doula who has another, more experienced doula behind her, as her mentor.


Postpartum Care

I provide a tailored postpartum service to suit each client’s individual needs. The postpartum period is an amazing time full of change and during this time, continuity of care for the mother and family is vital.

Postpartum care can include but is not limited to:

  • Breast feeding support

  • Signposting to guidance and support services

  • Minding your child and/or siblings of baby so you can get some well earned rest

  • Light housework

  • I offer a small range of handmade, organic skincare and bath salts, perfect for the postpartum period. Please have a look at my shop, and if you’d like to purchase any of these products, I’ll be happy to bring them to our appointments.

    Fee: £17 an hour


Birth Debrief

The Birth Debrief offers the opportunity to explore your previous birth(s) with a doula, and can be a lovely way to prepare for having a new baby. It helps you to work through past difficulties, explore your birth journey(s) without judgement and release some emotions that these experiences might have built up for you.

The Birth Debrief is not just for expectant mothers though, it can be a brilliant release for any person, at any stage in their life, who feels they would benefit from re-visiting their birth journey, in a supported and compassionate one to one session.

I will also help to signpost you to further resources or sources of support should you feel these would be useful.

Fee: £55