Mother receiving Postpartum Support, Suffolk

“Jessica is a blessing and I simply cannot thank her enough. For listening, understanding, 'getting it', playing, tidying, seeing what was needed without my having to, cooking and cuddling!”


Sophie, Sussex.


“Having Jess as my doula was the best decision I ever made. She was attentive and supportive and knew exactly what myself and my family needed. She was fantastic with my older son - she made sure he felt really comfortable which meant that I wasn’t worrying about him. 

Before my home birth she made sure she knew my birth plan and what it was I wanted so that she was on the same page. She was extremely respectful and understanding of my choices and it made all the difference having her support. 

She also handled all the practical things for me like making sure the house was clean and tidy and that we had some lovely food to eat for the following days after my daughter was born. She was also really brilliant with the midwives and made sure to look after their practical needs (such as tea, food etc) as well as providing them with support in setting up the birthing space and cleaning up afterwards. 

She really made the whole experience less stressful so I could focus on labouring and giving birth to my daughter in the way that I wanted. 

I would highly recommend Jess as a doula as she is kind, patient, and a generally lovely human being. She went above and beyond for my whole family and I couldn’t ever thank her enough. She kept us calm and prepared throughout the whole experience and was exactly what I needed to enable me to have a positive and empowering birth experience.”

Sophie had a home birth in a pool with her son, partner, midwife and doula present.